Vivactive Secure Fix Net Pants Large - 5 Pack

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Vivactive Fixation Pants will hold a small or large shaped pad in place more securely than some other fixation pants.


Because they have 200% more elastic. It’s that simple.

Vivactive - confidence for 40% less.

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Vivactive Secure Fix Net Pants Large
Vivactive Fixation Pants Vivactive Secure Fix Net Pants Large Viva Medi Net Pants - Medium (70-100cm/27.5-39.5in) - Pack of 5

Stay Secure for Longer

Vivactive Secure Fix pants use a 10 band stretch system, with 200% more elastic than you’d find in some other fixation pants. More elastic means a better fit. It also means they won’t lose their elasticity after they’ve been washed. You can machine wash Vivactive fixation pants at 60°c up to 25 times and still get the same results.

Superior Comfort

Vivactive’s secure fix system ensures a snug, figure-hugging fit. The bottom of the pant is just a stretchy as the top, which helps to prevent pressure points. This offers improved comfort and reduces the risk of red marks over extended periods of use.

Suitable for All Body Shapes

In between sizes? No problem. The waistband will stretch to a distance of around 30cm, so you’ll always find the right fit for you.

Improved Protection Against Leaks

One of the key benefits of Vivactive’s 10 band secure fix system, is that it improves the elasticity around the product’s legs. This provides another line of defence against leaks and ensures that a disposable pad will stay securely in place throughout the day or overnight.

Confidence Without the Cost

Vivactive fixation pants are created with the same patient attention to detail as some of the leading brands, for 40% less.

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Units Per Pack5
Weight (kg)0.074000
SexFemale, Male
Waist Measurement85-120cm/33.5-47"
Leg Circumference50-70cm/19.5-27.5"
Price Per Unit0.45
Delivery TimeNext Working Day
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