Lille Classic Bed(4 Products)

Lille Classic Bed

Lille offer a range of disposable bed pads with different sizing and absorbency levels ranging from 40x60cm up to 90x180cm in size and 500ml to 1500ml in absorbency.

Designed to hold large volumes of liquid the Lille bed pads are filled with virgin fluff pulp and a waterproof backing to prevent leaks. Also designed to have diamond shaped wicking to help spread liquid evenly across the pad.

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  1. Price Per Chair Pad: £0.14
    Lille Healthcare Classic Bed Extra 40x60cm (770ml) 35 Pack (LFBD8111)
    Vat Exempted
    £4.99 £4.99
  2. Vat Exempted
    £7.89 £7.89
  3. Vat Exempted
    £8.59 £8.59
  4. Vat Exempted
    £12.29 £12.29
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