Disposable Children's Nappies(1 Products)

Disposable Children's Nappies

At Incontinence Choice, we offer a range of nappies for children living with incontinence.


Our range of Junior Nappies are suitable for older children with light, moderate or heavy urinary and faecal incontinence, with all products featuring odour control for discreteness and legs cuffs to prevent leakages.

With products from some top brands including Tena and iD, you'll find a great choice of products that will suit both you and your child.


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  1. iD Comfy Junior (24-47kg) 14 Pack
    • unisex
    Price per Nappy: £0.75 Price per Nappy: £0.75
    iD Comfy Junior (24-47kg) 14 Pack (5501245140)
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    £10.54 £10.54
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