Washable Bed Pads Buyers Guide

Washable Bed Pads Buyers Guide

Looking for an additional layer of protection at night that can compliment other products? Looking to keep the bed clean and safe without having to use a body product at night? Perhaps you're also looking for a reusable & economic product to solve these issues?

Washable bed pads (AKA Washable Bed-Sheets) are what they say on the tin. Machine washable and machine dryable these bed pads are an economic way to protect the bed at night. 

Bed pads can be used to provide an extra line of defence or as an alternative to a body product during sleep times.

Bed pads feature a Top-Sheet (this is the layer closest to the skin), typically made from hydrophobic polyester or similar materials it's designed to keep the skin dry and maintain comfort even when wet.

Below the top-sheet is where the high absorbency core is found. The absorbent core can be made from a few different materials but they're typically either a felt or a mixture of polyester & rayon fibres.

Finally, a waterproof backing, typically comprised of plastics, is used to help ensure liquid does not get through. 

In summary, the main selling points of washable bed pads are:

  • Comfortable even when wet
  • Highly absorbent
  • Available in a variety of different absorbency to suit
  • Machine washable & dryable
  • More economic than disposable products
  • Completely Waterproof 

Some bed pads feature tuck in wings that help secure a better fit to the bed, for an even more secure fit some pads contain anti-friction technologies. Whilst most bed pads have a built in waterproof backing make sure you check as some products require an additional waterproof sheet. Most bed pads are designed to cover a section of the bed (usually just the middle) however there are large pads that can cover the entire bed. 

Very useful for use with a user who can get confused or forgetful or are otherwise prone to forgetting to wear other products to bed. Bare in mind however that the cleaning of bed pads can be consuming in both time & space if an independent user suffers from limited mobility or strength bed pads may not be suitable.


The most obvious alternative to consider is the use of disposable pads, disposable pads are easier to clean as they are simply thrown away, additionally, disposable pads are much easier to travel with. Be aware that disposable pads are also more prone to moving during the night than their washable counterparts and may not be suitable for restless sleepers.

For users who can't keep on top of the cleaning requirements of washable bed pads consider either washable or disposable body products such as washable pants or disposable all-in-ones, this is particularly true for heavier or faecal incontinence. 

We also offer chair pads which, whilst not an alternative, may be of interest.

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