At Vivactive we believe in confidence without the cost.

The confidence that you'd get from the leading brands, without the cost that you might expect.

Our goal is simple: to give you the confidence to enjoy the important things in life - without having to worry about incontinence.

We provide a range of healthcare products, including incontinence pads, pants, and adult nappies, disposable and washable bed pads, incontinence swimwear, gloves, wet wipes, and cleaning accessories.

All created with you in mind. All available for up to 30% less than some of the leading brands.

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Reviews and Testimonials

"Excellent size, and it's also good for all round use"

Joan D, Vivactive Nappy Bags

"Good product, considering it's cheaper than many others"

Julie S, Vivactive Large Shaped Pads

"Made life a lot easier for me when out, having mobility problems"

Keith B, Vivactive Easy Turn Key

"Superb quality and really big. So cheap compared to supermarket's own."

Zoe M, Vivactive Bed Pads

"The best ones I have tried, and they do what they are supposed to. Excellent!"

Robert H, Vivactive Men Level 1 Pads

"Use them as a hanky, lovely and soft to use on poor skin"

Valery W, Vivactive Super Soft Dry Wipes