Vivactive Pants Super Medium (1800ml) 14 Pack

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Vivactive Pants Super absorb moisture and odour quicker than some other incontinence pants. They feature reinforced double leg cuffs rather than leaky single leg cuffs, so that you feel fresher for longer, comfortable in every situation, and completely secure.

The same great benefits as some of the leading brands, for 30% less.

Vivactive – confidence without the cost.

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Vivactive Pants Super Medium (1800ml) 14 Pack - mobile
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Faster Absorption

Vivactive Pants Super feature a highly absorbent core capable of holding large quantities of liquid. Unlike other incontinence pants, Vivactive’s unique design allows for faster absorption, quickly drawing moisture away from your skin for a fresher feeling throughout the day.

Superior Odour Control

As soon as liquid is absorbed, a special balance of fluff and absorbent pearls ensure that odours are completely neutralised, giving you peace of mind when you need it most.

Better Protection Against Leaks

Vivactive Pants Super feature reinforced hydrophobic leg cuffs that offer twice the protection against leaks. Their clever design makes sure that you’re protected, whether standing, sitting or lying down, and won’t leave you feeling damp like some other incontinence pants.

Completely Discreet

Faster absorption and improved protection are key to keeping incontinence under wraps. Vivactive Pants Super won’t let you down, whatever your lifestyle. When you need to remove them, simply tear the material at the sides, and use the rear sticky tab to form a compact bundle for discreet disposal.

Kind to Skin

Each Vivactive pull-up is made from a soft, cotton-feel material, protected by a breathable back sheet that helps to encourage airflow. This is hugely beneficial when it comes to protecting your skin against irritation, and provides an ideal incontinence solution for delicate or sensitive skin types.

Confidence Without the Cost

Vivactive incontinence pants are created with the same patient attention to detail as some of the leading brands, for 30% less.

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Units Per Pack14
Weight (kg)1.070000
SexFemale, Male
Waist Measurement80-120cm/31.5-47.25"
Waterproof Backing TypeBreathable Textile Backing
Suitable forModerate Incontinence, Heavy Incontinence
Price Per Unit0.56
Delivery TimeNext Working Day
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