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Faecal Incontinence Products

Our faecal incontinence range includes products to suit a broad range of conditions, from light incontinence such as faecal smearing, through to heavy, including very loose stools. The range comprises large shaped pads, all-in-ones and pull-ups. Selection should depend on the rate of incontinence, the absorbency required, and the mobility of the user. 

We recommend pull-ups and all-in-ones for moderate to severe faecal incontinence, because they offer more security than a pad, and higher levels of absorbency if the stools are very loose, or if there is also heavy urinary incontinence.

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  1. MoliCare Premium Mobile Medium (1950ml) 14 Pack
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    MoliCare Premium Mobile Medium (1950ml) 14 Pack (915882)
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