Our Price Promise

Three Ways to Save

We’re confident that our prices are amongst the very keenest out there. We are substantially cheaper than major supermarket groups and pharmacies, we offer bulk discounts that they may not, and our own label can provide the same absorbency levels you are looking for at a much lower price.

Please be assured that we check this regularly and are constantly lowering our prices.


Buy from us and save up to 30% on leading brands vs supermarkets and pharmacies

Incontinence Choice is up to 30% cheaper than major off-line retailers, on the biggest incontinence brands.

We frequently compare the prices of the major brands against the big retailers’ price, so you can be confident we are saving you a lot of money.


Buy our own label and save up to 55% vs other leading brands

Our Own Label Brands

We offer better value on our exclusive own label brands: if you buy our own label, you can get the same, or higher, absorbency levels, with a massive 55% saving over the leading brands.

Incontinence Choice exclusive own label products offer dramatically lower prices for the same absorbency levels


Buy in bulk and save up to a further 11%

Bulk Savings

If you buy more, you save more. In addition to having lower prices, on some products you can save another 11% by buying in bulk.

It seems fairer this way. Incontinence Choice offers bulk discounts that others don't.