Mattress Protectors Buyers Guide

Mattress Protectors Buyers Guide

Looking for an easy suit-all solution to protecting a mattress from any accidents?

Mattress protectors are available in all standard bed sizes (Single, Small Single, Double, Small Double, King & Super King) and are waterproof barriers between the mattress and the rest of the bedding.

Measuring Your Mattress Protector 

The first step is measuring your mattress correctly, whilst a lot of beds are referred to as single, double, king & super king there are actually variations within these sizes. Below are all the measurements we use within our range, you can filter by the needed size within our categories, all sizes below are in cm. Click the images to view our range of products for your selected size.


You should also ensure you measure the depth of your mattress, whilst most of our protectors will fit mattress up to and including 25cm certain protectors fit a smaller mattress. Our mattress protector categories allow you to filter by mattress depth to help make this easier. 

If for some reason you have a mattress over 25cm please contact our customer services for advice.

Choosing Your Mattress Protector

Due to being 100% waterproof, mattress protectors are an affordable way of protective expensive and difficult to clean mattresses. Most mattress protectors are machine washable and even the larger sizes easily fit into a washing machine for easy clean-up.

Mattress protectors are also available in a wide variety of different materials that are designed for different applications:

  • Anti-Bacterial
    • Eliminates the need for bleaches & disinfectants saving time and money in the long-term. The drawback of this is that anti-bacterial protectors are sometimes more expensive than a non-antibacterial version, meaning an initial greater outlay.
  • Cotton
    • Cotton protectors are some of the most comfortable protectors, if a protector is needed for a bed that is in use for long durations then comfort should be high on the list of considerations. Some cotton fitted sheets are designed to look inconspicuous so if you’re looking for discretion cotton protectors can be a top choice. Cotton protectors are breathable, natural materials that cause a lower build up of sweat leading to better skin condition and comfort.
  • Quilted
    • Quilted mattress protectors offer a higher level of comfort over standard cotton or terry sheets. The main drawback is that with quilted protectors they do have a potential to absorb perspiration or other liquids that could leak through bedding or bed pads. This is why all quilted protectors are made in a fitted style allowing them to be removed and washed easily. Ideal for all users, especially those who may want extra comfort in bed. See our range of Quilted protectors here.
  • Terry-Top
    • Terry top protectors offer mattress waterproofing at a great, low price. They are not usually as comfortable as other types but do have a terry towelling top for a soft feel. See our range of terry-top protectors here.
  • Microfibre
    • Microfiber top protectors are ideal for pretty much anyone because of their very high comfort level. Microfibre protectors are made from a very soft material, with greater heat distribution over standard cotton or terry protectors. The drawback being that they are not as comfortable as a quilted protector, but do still offer a very comfortable nights sleep. See our range of microfibre mattress protectors here.
  • Anti-Allergenic
    • Anti-allergenic protectors are designed to be as hypoallergenic as possible. Ideal or even required for those with severe or uncomfortable allergies. Great for use in care homes and other hygiene conscious environments.

In summary, the key features of mattress protectors are that:

  • There is a wide range of materials to suit any user.
  • Protect expensive mattresses for a far lower cost.
  • Reusable and easy to clean and fit
  • Machine Washable
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Comfortable

Mattress protectors are, as you'd expect, for protecting mattresses, they will not protect other bedding such as bed sheets, duvets or pillows. For total protection use mattress protections in conjunction with night-time products like washable pants or disposable pull-ups or all-in-ones depending on the severity of the incontinence.

Mattress protectors come in two distinct styles: fitted & enclosed. Enclosed protectors completely cover the mattress often with the use of Zips. Fitted protectors simply place over the top of a mattress. Enclosed protectors offer total protection but they have the drawback of being harder to fit, remove and clean, compared to fitted protectors,  which can be an issue for less mobile users.