Vivactive Extra Large Incontinence Nappy Disposal Bags - 100 Pack


Incontinence products come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, which is why it seems strange that most nappy bags are designed to hold smaller items.

Vivactive Nappy Bags are 240% larger than other nappy bags, and less expensive than some leading brands.

Vivactive – confidence without the cost.

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Large Incontinence Nappy Disposal Bags - 100 Pack
Vivactive Nappy Bags Large Incontinence Nappy Disposal Bags - 100 Pack Large Incontinence Nappy Disposal Bags - 100 Pack - Comparison Vivactive Nappy Bag

Larger and Stronger

Vivactive nappy bags are not only much larger than the products you’d find at your local supermarket, they’re stronger and more durable. They feature long handles that can be tied in a tight knot, and won’t fall apart in your hands before you get to the bin.

Ideal for Incontinence Products

Each nappy bag is capable of holding an incontinence pad, pull-up, or all-in-one, whether they’re small, extra-large or even larger. You won’t need two or three to dispose of items either. One will do the job.

More Hygienic

As Vivactive Nappy Bags won’t split at the slightest touch, you’re more likely to keep your hands clean. They’re apple scented to help cover odours, and feature longer handles than many similar products.

Confidence Without the Cost

Vivactive Nappy Bags are created with the same patient attention to detail as some of the leading brands, for less.

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