Vivactive Extra Large Soft Dry Wipes - 100 Pack


Please note: due to a huge increase in demand for this product, you may receive a substitute product over the next few months. This is the same great wipe, just with different packaging.

For luxurious softness and even gentler cleansing, why not upgrade to our Vivactive Super Soft Large Dry Wipes?

Vivactive Soft Dry Wipes are everything you’d expect from a dry wipe. They’re luxuriously soft, gentle, highly absorbent, strong and multipurpose.

What you might not expect, is that they’re 20% larger than some leading brand wipes, for 30% less.

Vivactive – confidence without the cost.

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Vivactive Large Soft Dry Wipes - 100 Pack
Vivactive Soft Dry Wipes Vivactive Large Soft Dry Wipes - 100 Pack

Larger Than Ever Before

Vivactive Soft Dry wipes are up to 20% larger than some standard wipes, combining both softness and strength to provide an effective skin cleansing solution.

Stronger Than Other Wipes

Each wipe is made from polypropylene, a lightweight material known for its toughness, elasticity, and ability to retain its shape. They’ll get the job done, without falling apart in your hands.

Versatile Cleansing

As Vivactive dry wipes are made from quality non-woven materials, they can be used with creams or moisturisers. Using Vivactive Skin Cleansing Foam with a dry wipe will help keep your skin hydrated whilst cleansing.

Suitable for Delicate Skin

Vivactive wipes can be used on all areas of the body and are gentle enough to be used on fragile or delicate skin. Highly absorbent, they are the ideal wipe for continence care. 

Confidence Without the Cost

Vivactive Soft Dry Wipes are created with the same patient attention to detail as some of the leading brands, for 30% less.

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Units Per Pack100
Weight (kg)0.172000
SizeExtra Large
Price Per Unit0.01
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