Attends Slip Regular 8 Large (2100ml) 28 Pack

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For Heavy to Severe Incontinence and Faecal Incontinence, Attends Slip Regular 8 feature a highly absorbent pad, anti-leak barriers and an effective odour control system. These convenient all-in-ones are made from a soft, breathable material, designed to keep your skin feeling fresh and healthy.

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Attends Slip Regular 8 Large (2499ml) 28 Pack
Attends Slip Regular 8 Large (2499ml) 28 Pack Attends Slip Regular 8 Large (2499ml) 28 Pack - Pack & All In One Attends Slip Regular 8 Large (2499ml) 28 Pack - All In One

Fast-Acting Absorption

Attends Slip Regular 8 contain a highly absorbent pad that works quickly to draw moisture away from the skin. Anti-leak barriers form a protective border around the edges of the pad, protecting against leaks, and managing faecal incontinence.

Odour Control

Once moisture has been absorbed, unwanted odours remain locked inside the product’s pad, where they are quickly neutralised.

Comfortable and Secure

Attends all-in-ones are securely kept in place using adjustable fixation tabs. They can be resealed throughout the day to ensure a comfortable fit.

Kind to Skin

Each all-in-one has been dermatologically tested, and has a low pH value to protect the skin. They have been carefully designed to promote airflow, which helps to prevent dampness – a common cause of skin irritation. A convenient wetness indicator on the underside of the pad lets you or a carer know when the product is ready to be removed.

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Units Per Pack28
Weight (kg)2.760000
SexFemale, Male
Waist Measurement100-150cm/39-59"
Suitable forHeavy Incontinence, Severe Incontinence, Faecal Incontinence
Waterproof Backing TypeBreathable Textile Backing
Price Per Unit0.46
Delivery TimeNext Working Day
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