Abena Abri-Form Junior XS2 (1500ml) 32 Pack

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For Moderate to Heavy Incontinence, Abena Abri-Form Junior provide a perfect solution for children and small adults. These discreet all-in-ones feature smaller leg cuffs than adult incontinence products, but contain the same absorbent core and anti-leak protection.

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Abena Abri-Form Junior XS2 (1500ml) 32 Pack - mobile
Abena Abri-Form Junior XS2 (1500ml) 32 Pack - mobile Abena Abri-Form Junior XS2 (1500ml) 32 Pack Abena Abri-Form Junior XS2 (1500ml) 32 Pack Abena Abri-Form Junior XS2 (1500ml) 32 Pack

Quick Absorption

Each Abena Abri-Form Junior features a super absorbent core that works quickly to draw moisture away from the body. Once moisture has been absorbed, it remains locked inside the core, preventing dampness, even when the pad is put under pressure.

Odour Control

When liquids have been absorbed, all unwanted odours are neutralised, giving you complete peace of mind when out and about.

Protection Against Leaks

Anti-leak barriers form a border around the product’s pad to ensure that liquids are fully absorbed. Smaller leg cuffs provide a closer fit, which presents an extra line of defence against leaks.

Comfortable and Discreet

Abena Abri-Form Junior are made from a soft, breathable material, designed to promote airflow. This helps to prevent dampness which reduces the risk of skin irritation. All-in-ones are discreet and cannot be seen under clothing.

More Information
Units Per Pack32
Weight (kg)1.990000
SexFemale, Male
SizeX Small
Waist Measurement56-60cm / 20-23.5''
Suitable forModerate Incontinence, Heavy Incontinence
Waterproof Backing TypeBreathable Textile Backing
Price Per Unit0.34
Delivery TimeNext Working Day
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