Disposable Urine Bags with Gel (500ml) 2 Pack

Vat Exempted

These convenient disposable urine bags are a hygienic travel accessory for both men and women. They feature a small pouch of absorbent polymer that works quickly to solidify fluids, providing a discreet toileting solution when you’re on the move.

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Disposable Urine Bags with Gel (500ml) Pack of 2 - BA7241

Hygienic and Discreet

Disposable urine bags are comprised of a funnel and a leak-proof bag, designed to be used when toilets are unavailable. The bag contains a pouch of super-absorbent polymer, capable of holding up to 500ml of liquid.


Once absorbed, liquid is converted into an odourless gel, giving you complete peace of mind when away from home. As this is a hygiene product, we are unable to accept returns.


These handy urinal bags are sealable and incredibly light and compact. They can be disposed of in any waste bin.

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