All-In-Ones Buyers Guide

Look for a way to easy change products whilst out and about or when the user has limited mobility or dexterity? Looking for the most secure product for heavy night-time incontinence?

All-In-Ones are the go-to product when a user has difficulty stepping in and out of regular underwear or for sufferers of heavy nighttime incontinence. Built with carers in mind all-in-ones (also know as fitted briefs) are tab style products, this means that they use tabs to change and adjust the product more easily.

With a highly absorbent core, all-in-ones don't skimp out in their absorbency, suitable all the way up to severe and even faecal incontinence, they have a range that extends from 500ml all the way up to 5000ml. In addition, all-in-one products have resealable tabs allowing the product to be changed without additional clothes being removed or the user having to stand.

All-in-ones sport a close fit which provides superior protection during sleep compared to other products. As all-in-ones have a close fit around the waist, thanks to the use of tabs, they are the best product for side-sleepers as they will prevent liquid escaping from gaps around the waist.

There are two main materials to the exterior (also called a back sheet) of an all-in-one. Plastic backing offers improved odour control whereas cotton-type backings promote better skin health with breathable materials, both are 100% waterproof. 

In summary, the benefits of all-in-ones are:

  • Easy to change a user even when they have limited mobility
  • Additional clothes do not need to be removed during changing
  • Great for changing wheelchair/immobile users
  • Highly absorbent up to 5000ml
  • Certain products are suitable for faecal incontinence
  • Boasts the highest level of night time protection, especially for side sleepers
  • Either great odour control or improved skin health options are available
  • 100% waterproof

As with many products it's critical to get the fit right regardless of the absorbency level. If the wrong size is used liquid can leak from the areas around the legs. Contact us if you're unsure of the size that should be used.

If you're looking to boost the level of absorbency even higher you can make use of booster pads. Booster pads are pads that are placed inside of the product, any urine will first be absorbed by the booster pad before reaching the all-in-one. In order to save money, you can change the booster pad before it's used thereby expanding the lifetime of the all-in-one at the cost of the cheaper booster pad. You can also simply use a booster pad to improve the absorbency of an all-in-one as the liquid will flow through to the all-in-one once the booster has been used.

Booster Pads

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The main alternative to an all-in-one is a pull-up. Pull-ups are more suitable for more independent and mobile users as they are worn and changed like typical underwear. Pull-ups are often preferred due to their familiarity for most users but they offer less protection during sleep especially for side sleepers. For lighter incontinence more discreet products such as large shaped pads and economical washable pants are available.

Washable Pants

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Large Shaped Pads

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